How We Sharpen

Your knife will be sharpened according to its individual material, design and anatomy, including any existing damage to the blade. The Sharpening process is done by hand on water-cooled ceramic belts and whetstones. We Sharpen blades to 7000 grit for mirror finish or custom to your industry.


Knowing the bevels for best results. Your knife will be sharpened to its design of use and geometry for best results. Each bevel is great for different uses. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Knife has different angle for use. Western-style knives (chef’s, boning, and carving) tend to have larger angles (17-25 degrees) for general durability. This angle is fine enough to create clean cuts in meats and vegetables but strong enough to maintain chopping performance for many cuts.

Eastern-style knives (santuko, sushi) tend to have smaller angles (12-17 degrees) for more precise slicing. These low angles result in the least amount of material displacement when slicing but have significantly less material supporting the edge, meaning they are more prone to chipping and breaking.